E.P.I.C. Speed Ahead – SMC at ‘Full Operating Capability’

Author: SMC Public Affairs
Published: Nov 22, 2019

The Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) has completed the largest transformation in its 65-year history and is now at full operating capability (FOC) over one month ahead of schedule. During the past 18 months of transformation known as “SMC 2.0,” the center has eliminated layers of bureaucracy, flattened the organization and put key decision-makers closer to their programs to speed decision velocity and more rapidly deliver capabilities to the warfighter and the world.

While this major FOC milestone recognizes SMC is fully operational under the new construct, the organization remains committed to fostering a culture that is faster and smarter at serving the needs of national security.

“Our vision for innovation has been codified into our re-architecture and I’ve delegated authorities to empower the right levels to lead,” said Lt. Gen. John F. Thompson, SMC commander and program executive officer (PEO) for space. “Although we are at FOC, we will continuously improve to field fast, relevant and affordable solutions. SMC 2.0 is a journey, not a destination.”

The center’s re-architecture focuses on “more tools, not rules,” said Joy White, executive director of SMC and lead for Atlas Corps. “We are changing the culture, taking on smart risks and pushing boundaries.”

This transformation effort focuses on operating as an enterprise, enhancing partnerships, both commercial and allied, fostering innovation, and creating a culture of ownership, risk-tolerance and speed.

Demonstrating SMC’s commitment to changing “business as usual,” the center awarded over $20 million dollars in same-day contracts to non-traditional small businesses and start-ups at the inaugural Air Force Space Pitch Day held in San Francisco Nov. 5 to 6. And Space Pitch Day is just one of many initiatives and new processes at SMC aimed at “flipping the script” to accelerate space acquisitions.

“Our goal is to better serve the warfighter by delivering cutting-edge capabilities at E.P.I.C. Speed,” said Col. Heather Bogstie, SMC 2.0 transformation lead. “SMC will continue to drive our Enterprise, Partnerships, Innovation, Culture and Speed – E.P.I.C. Speed – aspirations into DoD space systems for years to come.”

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