Letters from the Council


Memo on Military Spouse Licensing and Credentialing Progress in California (as of December 13, 2018) (pdf)


U.S. Army 2018 Community Partnership Award – Parks Regional Forces Training Area (RFTA) (pdf)

Letter supporting the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Program (DRECP) (pdf)

Defense Logistics Agency 2018 Commander-in-Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence (pdf)

U.S. Marine Corps 2018 Commander-in-Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence (pdf)

Letter supporting AFC (pdf)

Letter supporting Beale AFB ERCIP Funding 2018 (pdf)

DESI Award – Papanicolaou (pdf)

DESI Award – Lentink (pdf)


Joint Letter supporting San Diego Economic Development Corporation’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Integrated Pilot Program (pdf)


FY 2017 Defense Priorities (pdf)


Letter supporting KC-46 operation at March Air Reserve Base (pdf)

Letter supporting the U.S. Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutter program (pdf)

Letter requesting support to eliminate sequestration (pdf)


Letter supporting the UAS-INSIGHT team (pdf)

Letter supporting the continued production of the EA-18G Growler aircraft (pdf)

Letter outlining priority items for California for the 2015 Department of Defense Budget (pdf)


Letter regarding the KC-10 aircraft (pdf)

Letter supporting California’s applications for Unmanned Aerial Systems test site designation by the Federal Aviation Administration (pdf)

Letter supporting the planned expansion of Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms (pdf)